2023 Entry List

2023 Yellow Mountain Entry List

PLEASE NOTE: Bike numbers must be clearly displayed on bikes.

Please be aware that black numbers on grey background (or other similar combinations) are very hard to read.



Cody Amberge 821 251cc to 450cc 
Bryan Ambrose 76 Over 45yrs
Luke Aquilina 208 251cc to 450cc 
Zac Arnold 722 251cc to 450cc
Blake Asker 157 251cc to 450cc
Thomas Austin 211 250cc and under
Stuart Austin 638 Over 45yrs
Angus Baker 279 Over 450cc
David Ballantyne 472 251cc to 450cc 
Corey Banks 631 Over 35yrs 
Eddie Barber 553 250cc and under 
John Baxter 44 250cc and under 
Joshua Beaumont 630 Over 450cc
Shane Belcher 844 Over 35yrs 
Terry Bennett 981 Over 45yrs
Rhys Bennetts 59 Over 450cc
Brett Bennetts 876 Over 45yrs
Jesse Broad 19 251cc to 450cc
Nathan Brochtrup 39 Over 35yrs
Grant Brochtrup 684 Over 45yrs
William Browne 470 Over 450cc 
Jacob Bugeja 379 251cc to 450cc 
Ethan Byrne 731 251cc to 450cc 
Braden Cable 816 Over 35yrs 
Peter Callow 98 251cc to 450cc
Guy Campbell 289 251cc to 450cc 
Jack Carroll 314 251cc to 450cc 
Luke Chellas 3 251cc to 450cc 
Josh Chiodo 12 Over 450cc 
Matthew Clark 64 Over 45yrs
Lisa Collyer 24 Ladies class
Tom Cooper 207 251cc to 450cc 
Broden Connell 573 251cc to 450cc
Phil Connell 761 Over 45yrs
Gus Cooper 512 250cc and under
Sean Cox 55 Over 35yrs 
Samuel Crombie 117 Over 450cc
Gary Crombie 637 Over 45yrs
Carter Dale 546 251cc to 450cc 
Michael Davies 976 Over 45yrs
Stephen Davison 101 Over 35yrs
Jesse Dawson 666 251cc to 450cc
Dylan Dean 377 251cc to 450cc 
James Deeves 95 Over 45yrs
Riley Delboux 81 Over 450cc 
Harrison D'Elboux 46 Over 450cc 
Brent Doulman 29 251cc to 450cc 
Joshua Dowsett 501 250cc and under
Robert Dowsett 890 Over 45yrs
Alix Dray 198 Ladies class
Joseph Dukes 520 251cc to 450cc 
Samuel Dun 442 251cc to 450cc
Patrick Dun 224 Over 450cc
Matthew Dun 318 Over 450cc
Ewen Dun 974 Over 45yrs
Amy Dunk 308 Ladies class
Andrew Dunlop 746 Over 35yrs
Kieran Dunn 262 251cc to 450cc 
Alexander Earney 45 251cc to 450cc 
Aleisha Edwards 975 Ladies class
Jordan Emerson 300 250cc and under
Brett Emerson 265 Over 45yrs
Peter Fagan 317 251cc to 450cc 
Tim Farmer 103 Over 450cc
Todd Farmer 791 Over 35yrs
Jake Fergusson 61 251cc to 450cc 
Stirling Fergusson 911 Over 45yrs
Karl Fitzalan 427 Over 450cc
Caleb Ford 351 251cc to 450cc
Scott Ford 389 Over 45yrs
Thomas Foster 174 250cc and under 
Isaac Fretwell 75 251cc to 450cc 
Chris Gainsford 226 251cc to 450cc
Jason Googh 555 Over 45yrs
Broc Grabham 1 Over 450cc
Jake Green 22 251cc to 450cc
Campbell Hall 9 251cc to 450cc
Maxwell Hall 105 250cc and under
Anthony Hammond 471 Over 450cc
Greg Harris 817 Over 45yrs
William Harrison 285 Over 450cc
Justin Harrow 5 251cc to 450cc
Cameron Harvey 507 251cc to 450cc
Anthony Harvey 65 Over 45yrs
Brenton Hassett 467 251cc to 450cc 
Brodie Hemmingway 189 Over 450cc 
David Hill 147 Over 45yrs
Ben Hinchcliff 21 Over 35yrs 
Jeremy Hodges 111 251cc to 450cc
Tyson Hodges 406 251cc to 450cc
Mark Holford 209 Over 450cc
Nick Holmes 365 Over 35yrs
Christopher Hood 201 Over 35yrs
Colby Hood 118 251cc to 450cc
Samuel Horan 102 251cc to 450cc
Jonny Hosken 544 Over 450cc
Jaycen Huckel 57 Over 45yrs
David Irving 824 251cc to 450cc
Rodney Irwin 408 Over 45yrs
Stephen Jones 699 Over 35yrs
Daniel Kane 86 Over 35yrs
William Kearney 92 251cc to 450cc 
Jackson Keeley 386 251cc to 450cc
Benjamin Kennedy 337 Over 450cc
Ciaran Kinsela 706 251cc to 450cc
Mitchell Kinsela 516 Over 35yrs
Martin Kinsela 874 Over 45yrs
Matt Kirkham 179 Over 35yrs 
George Knyvett 199 Over 450cc 
Robert Koch 214 Over 450cc 
Anthony Kokoc 66 Over 45yrs
Leigh Kraak 410 Over 450cc 
Sam Lachlan 255 251cc to 450cc
Byron Lamborn 295 251cc to 450cc 
Jonathan Lane 811 Over 35yrs 
Donald Lark 25 Over 45yrs
Sam Laws 47 Over 45yrs
Declan Laybutt 251 251cc to 450cc
Zac Laybutt 882 Over 450cc
Matthew Laybutt 713 Over 45yrs
Daniel Lewis 344 251cc to 450cc 
Robert Lindsay 624 Over 35yrs 
Sam Lynch 313 251cc to 450cc
Max Madden 217 251cc to 450cc 
Jesse Magill 808 251cc to 450cc 
Mason Manwaring 479 Over 45yrs
Nicklas Manwaring 72 250cc and under 
Jacob Marshall 465 Over 450cc
Stephen Martin 350 Over 45yrs
James Mason 283 251cc to 450cc
Brad Maxey 292 Over 450cc
Harrison May 323 250cc and under
Todd Mccarten 204 Over 450cc 
William McGeorge 185 Over 450cc
Angus McIntosh 177 251cc to 450cc
Hamish McKay 33 251cc to 450cc
Andrew McRobert 178 Over 35yrs 
William Meacham 77 251cc to 450cc 
Shane Menzies 237 Over 35yrs 
Peter Middleton 827 Over 45yrs
Daniel Middleton 194 Over 450cc
Cooper Miles 79 251cc to 450cc
Graham Miller 378 Over 35yrs
Samuel Moon 281 Over 450cc
Nicholas Moore 771 250cc and under
Jarrod Moore 456 Over 45yrs
Jarrad Morrison 37 Over 450cc
Matthew Mott 123 Over 450cc
Anthony Mowat 110 251cc to 450cc
Cruz Murray 121 Over 450cc 
Richard Murray 114 Over 45yrs
John Muscat 144 250cc and under
Dean Muscat 463 251cc to 450cc
Jacob Nash 409 Over 450cc
Eddie Nash 904 Over 45yrs
Jeremy Newcomb 477 Over 45yrs
Sam Newton 223 Over 450cc
Thomas Nicholls 23 251cc to 450cc
Logan Nicolson 315 Over 450cc 
Luke Nixon 165 Over 35yrs
John Nollema 107 Over 45yrs
Stephen Norrie 652 Over 35yrs
Anthony Nott 633 Over 35yrs
Jarrad Nuttall 261 Over 35yrs 
Scott O'Hara 149 Over 450cc
Jack ONeil 504 251cc to 450cc
Lawrence Okma 500 Over 45yrs
Aaron Orpwood 306 251cc to 450cc
Ben Osland 112 251cc to 450cc 
Jacob Osland 97 251cc to 450cc
Adrian Ottaviano 288 Over 450cc
Ethan Oxley 119 251cc to 450cc 
Codey Oxley 277 251cc to 450cc 
Andrew Paff 632 Over 35yrs 
Mitchell Patton 291 Over 450cc
Brett Patton 191 Over 45yrs
John Payten 50 Over 35yrs
Grant Peel 422 Over 450cc 
Owen Perry 641 Over 35yrs
Zac Philpott 218 Over 450cc 
Jack Priest 125 250cc and under 
Jack Patrick Priest 145 251cc to 450cc 
Kyle Priestley 131 251cc to 450cc
Gregory Prisk 374 251cc to 450cc 
Jack Rann 818 251cc to 450cc
Dean Rann 751 Over 45yrs
Timothy Reed 303 Over 45yrs
Dale Reid 83 Over 35yrs
Luke Richards 7 251cc to 450cc
Corey Richards 14 251cc to 450cc 
Todd Ridley 137 251cc to 450cc
Brock Ritchie 128 251cc to 450cc 
Tim Robinson 100 Over 450cc
Brett Robinson 34 Over 35yrs 
Owen Robinson 87 Over 35yrs
Wayne Roe 184 Over 35yrs 
Jamie Ross 414 251cc to 450cc
William Ross 122 Over 450cc
Jack Rumball 458 251cc to 450cc 
Jacob Russell 395 250cc and under
Jake Ryan 113 250cc and under 
Mathew Ryan 401 Over 45yrs
Patrick Ryan 133 Over 450cc
Michael Scremin 647 Over 35yrs  
Tom Seears 296 251cc to 450cc
Matthew Seears 82 Over 35yrs
Rick Selwood 127 251cc to 450cc 
Zac Senior 142 251cc to 450cc  
Toby Sheridan 282 251cc to 450cc  
Harrison Skelton 202 251cc to 450cc
Regan Skelton 6 Over 450cc
Jacob Smith 222 Over 450cc
Thomas Smith 418 250cc and under  
Luke Smith 572 251cc to 450cc
Daniel Smith 90 251cc to 450cc 
Wayne Smith 741 Over 45yrs
Rick Soley 146 Over 35yrs
Lachlan Stakenburg 166 251cc to 450cc  
Matthew Staniforth 182 251cc to 450cc
James Staniforth 2 Over 450cc
William Steer 141 Over 450cc  
Terence Stockil 571 Over 35yrs  
Lachlan Stuerzl 51 251cc to 450cc  
Thomas Sutherland 411 251cc to 450cc
James Suttor 62 251cc to 450cc  
William Thomas 245 251cc to 450cc 
Lachlan Thomas 248 251cc to 450cc  
Peter Thomas 307 251cc to 450cc  
Jack Thompson 67 251cc to 450cc  
Michael Thompson 923 Over 45yrs
Craig Thornton 782 Over 45yrs
Zac Thornton 703 251cc to 450cc
Selwyn Tisdell 268 251cc to 450cc 
Hayden Tom 298 Over 450cc
Nicolas Tomlinson 8 251cc to 450cc 
Thomas Tuckerman 151 Over 450cc 
Daniel Van der Hoeven 417 Over 450cc 
Harald Van der Hoeven 517 Over 45yrs
James Vassallo 31 251cc to 450cc 
William Patrick Wallace 42 251cc to 450cc
William Wallace 16 Over 450cc
James Wallace 17 Over 45yrs
Jarryd Walmsley 27 Over 450cc  
Billy Walsh 74 Over 450cc  
Kyle Walton 669 251cc to 450cc 
Steven Watson 333 Over 45yrs
Charlie Weber 84 251cc to 450cc  
Jarrod Westcott 777 251cc to 450cc
Joel Weston 244 250cc and under
Lincoln White 249 250cc and under
Patrick White 514 Over 45yrs
Glenn White 115 Over 45yrs
Christopher Williams 598 251cc to 450cc
Bradley Williams 398 Over 450cc
Matthew Williams 898 Over 45yrs
Mitchell Wilson 804 251cc to 450cc  
Cameron Witherdin 247 251cc to 450cc  
Noah Woldhuis 605 251cc to 450cc  
James Wolters 536 251cc to 450cc  
Bailey Woods 425 250cc and under
Michael Woods 85 Over 45yrs
Justin Wright 148 Over 35yrs  
Scott Wrona 558 Over 45yrs
Matthew Wynants 683 Over 35yrs  
Brodie Young 49 251cc to 450cc